Untitled 21A - Giclée Print

  • A giclée reproduction of Untitled 21A, 2000 by Osvaldo Mariscotti.

    Giclées are prints generated from digital scanning. They are extremely accurate in their interpretations of original works to the extent that they can capture the most subtle nuances of color and texture. The process results in prints that are water, fade and scratch resistant.

    The Pseudo-figurative period (1996-2000) is characterized by vibrant paintings that resemble works from the Red Period; however, incorporating ideas from the later Geometric Period. The canvas is completely covered by color, with darker shapes, usually in black or blue, spread uniformly across the work. We observe the first efforts at dividing the canvas in clearly demarcated sections, something that will become a personal symbol for the artist in later periods. The artist introduces for the first time the concept of "change" and "progression", establishing milestones for later work.

    • Marked with the artist's signature stamp.
    • Each edition is printed on 100% rag Hahnemühle William Turner paper.
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Black Oak
Brown Alder
White Maple
Natural Oak

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