2050 II - Print Behind Acrylic

  • The acrylic glass gives your artwork remarkable depth and brilliance that will make an impact on any audience.

    The Simplified period (2010-15) is characterized by the interaction between background and center figures. Complementary colors now surround each figure producing halos that extend to the limits of each section. The artist creates a ripple effect which conveys a sense of expansion. The work is no longer bound to the canvas, it involves its surroundings. Furthermore, this idea takes us to perhaps the main particularity of this work, perception. These works were mostly produced using fluorescent acrylics which, when exposed to certain types of light, react creating unexpected and usually quite unconventional visual effects.

    The later part of the period is characterized by much simplified constructions where the width and separation between elements conveys the meaning of the work.

    • Pigment Print on Photo Paper
    • Premium mounting under 0.16" (4mm) thick crystal clear acrylic glass
    • Easy and secure hanging system with metal rails
    • Marked with the artist's signature stamp
    • Published by Mariscotti Art
    • Free shipping worldwide
    • Ready to ship in 1-2 weeks.

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